Dating in trouble in the West because gender distinction is


Tabitha3319: Thanks frienduff! You were missed! Sept 24, 2021 8:10:41 GMT -5
frienduff: Let all praise and rejoice in the LORD . March onwards in the Lord my friends . Sept 24, 2021 12:01:08 GMT -5
ohhello: The glorious biblical Lord Jesus and let’s stay in the KJV bibles. Sept 24, 2021 12:09:00 GMT -5
ohhello: You have all been prayed for. Praise the Lord. Sept 24, 2021 13:54:11 GMT -5
Tabitha3319: Thank you so much, ohello! Sept 24, 2021 17:58:11 GMT -5
frienduff: Good night my brothers and sisters . Let us continue onward in the glorious Lord . Sept 24, 2021 20:26:33 GMT -5
Tabitha3319: Thank you Jesus for loving me and giving me Your peace! Sept 25, 2021 8:33:55 GMT -5
ohhello: Brother Frienduff and sister Tabitha has been here. Let the glorious Lord Jesus be praised. You have all been prayed for again today. Sept 25, 2021 10:45:46 GMT -5
John: Thought it has been a difficult week, I want to thank the Lord for all of His blessings. No matter what is taking place, our God is faithful, always looking after His children. \ :D/ Praise, honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Sept 25, 2021 14:24:16 GMT -5
John: Hello Les. Sept 25, 2021 15:28:44 GMT -5
Giller: Hello me friends Sept 25, 2021 21:45:59 GMT -5
Les: Hello everyone..... Sept 26, 2021 5:42:51 GMT -5
ohhello: Sing it out brother John. Yes, our Lord is glorious. Praise the Lord. You have all been prayed for. Sept 26, 2021 14:33:18 GMT -5
John: Hello to Giller. Hello Les. Hello Ohhello, and thank you for your prayers. They are always appreciated. Yes, the Lord is good, all the time. Sept 26, 2021 18:56:37 GMT -5
John: I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, for his friendship, for his mercy and grace, and for all the things he does for us, day in and day out. He is always better to us than we are to Him. Sept 26, 2021 18:57:54 GMT -5
John: Thanks be to the Heavenly Father. Blessings, honor and glory to the Christ, the Son of the Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ. Praises to the Holy Spirit, our divine teacher and guide into all truth, and our great comforter. Hallelujah to our God! Sept 26, 2021 18:59:04 GMT -5 *
frienduff: John was here . Rejoice in the LORD my friends . I see les and giller were here too . So was sister . Let the glorious Lord be praised my friends . Sept 26, 2021 20:54:03 GMT -5
ohhello: Wonderful prayers brother John. You have all been prayed for again today. Brother Frienduff has also been in. Onwards each day in the biblical Lord Jesus and keep on in those KJV Bibles. Sept 27, 2021 11:38:01 GMT -5
frienduff: Hello my friends . Sister is here . You are spotted sister . Let us thank our Lord and rejoice in Him . Sept 28, 2021 10:49:16 GMT -5
ohhello: The glorious Lord be thanked and praised. Everyone continues to be prayed for everyday. Sept 28, 2021 14:22:44 GMT -5
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