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frienduff: SOUND IT OUT SISTER . LET the GLORIOUS LORD BE PRAISED . Dec 3, 2021 21:47:06 GMT -5
ohhello: Let’s keep focused on all things of the Lord. Dec 4, 2021 13:53:40 GMT -5
John: I have not been able to get online all week, and was sick most of the week with some kind of bug, not covid19. I tested negative for that. I was not able to be here for prayer meeting, but would like to join with those praying for unborn babies. Dec 4, 2021 15:24:19 GMT -5
John: Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I want to thank and praise you for your goodness and grace. Thank you for helping me get over a nasty bug this week, and allowing me to be online today. Dec 4, 2021 15:25:13 GMT -5
John: Thank you for those who have continued to be faithful to pray. I especially want to thank you for Tabitha and her faithfulness to lead the prayer meeting. Dec 4, 2021 15:25:49 GMT -5
John: I want to ask you Lord to have mercy upon our nation. I know that we, your church, still has things that we need to deal with. We have been lukewarm and carnal, and have done things I know are not pleasing in your sight. Dec 4, 2021 15:26:52 GMT -5
John: When the church is in a state like that, you will often times bring chastisement, not only on the church, but you will also punish the nation. I ask you to forgive us our sins. I pray that the blood of Jesus will wash us clean. Dec 4, 2021 15:27:44 GMT -5
John: Judgement must first begin in the House of God. Have mercy upon the church. Where we have failed, have mercy and blot out our transgressions, and help us to see our shortcomings, and come to a point of true repentance. Dec 4, 2021 15:28:35 GMT -5
John: If your people that are called by your name shall humble themselves, pray and seek your face, and turn from our wicked ways, you will hear from Heaven, and forgive us and heal our land. We must be willing to turn to you with our whole heart. Dec 4, 2021 15:29:26 GMT -5
John: I pray for the church, and that we would all do that. I believe that many have already. I know there is a remnant church, and for their sake, I pray that you will have mercy upon America. Dec 4, 2021 15:30:09 GMT -5
John: This nation has been guilty of a great sin, the killing of unborn babies. I ask that you would bring an end to abortion in America. The Supreme Court is hearing an important case this week, and will be making a decision that will effect us all. Dec 4, 2021 15:31:11 GMT -5
John: It will determine whether the states can pass laws protecting unborn children. I ask you to lead the Justices to do the right thing, and return this matter to the states, and then give lawmakers at the state level a conscience to defend all children. Dec 4, 2021 15:32:10 GMT -5
John: Block liberals from any attempts to stack the court. Confound them every step of the way. The Bible says that you raise up and you pull down. Remove all leaders that practice unrighteous judgment and replace them with those who practice righteousness. Dec 4, 2021 15:33:38 GMT -5
John: Our election for President was stolen, and we have an illegitimate and evil President and Vice President. I ask you to remove Biden and Harris and I pray that they would be replaced by Trump and Pence, the real winners of the election. Dec 4, 2021 15:35:21 GMT -5
John: I pray that you would replace all the politicians and judges that support abortion and the homosexual agenda with God fearing leaders. Dec 4, 2021 15:36:20 GMT -5
John: We the people do not have the ability to simply remove bad people from our government and replace them with good people, but you do. According to Daniel, you give the nations to anyone you see fit to be our leaders. Dec 4, 2021 15:37:20 GMT -5
John: When Nebuchadnezzar failed to recognize this, you humbled him. We recognize that you are still in control Lord, and I ask you to intervene in this nation, for the sake of your remnant church, and for the sake of unborn babies. Dec 4, 2021 15:38:58 GMT -5
John: I ask that you would be with the members of the U.S. Supreme Court, and lead them to undo what has been one of the worst decisions ever made by the Supreme Court in our history, Roe vs. Wade. Overturn. Overturn. Overturn. Dec 4, 2021 15:40:15 GMT -5
John: Protect all innocent life, especially the most vulnerable among us, the unborn babies. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. A-men and A-men. Dec 4, 2021 15:41:07 GMT -5
John: Thank you Jesus. I know you are able to turn things around. I know you can do all things, even those things that seem impossible in the natural. Nothing is impossible for you. Dec 4, 2021 15:42:10 GMT -5
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