What does it mean to fear God and keep His commandments.


John: Hello to all of our guests. It is great to have you visiting with us. Jul 7, 2024 14:16:22 GMT -5
ohhello: Great to see our brother John back. Let’s trench on on this last lap of this world as the Lord’s return is very very close. We are nearly home. Hallelujah. Jul 9, 2024 4:37:57 GMT -5
Giller: I am here my friends Jul 12, 2024 8:51:54 GMT -5
Giller: One subject that has to be defined in a greater way, is the cross, resurrection ,and baptism of the Holy ghost, in what these things do, and what the bible says they do. Jul 12, 2024 8:54:35 GMT -5
Giller: there has been a lot of false doctrine in regards these things. Jul 12, 2024 8:55:02 GMT -5 *
frienduff: Giller was here . hello my friend . Jul 14, 2024 6:50:16 GMT -5
ohhello: Good evening. Let the Lord be praised. Brothers Frienduff and Giller were here. Jul 14, 2024 15:00:22 GMT -5
John: Good morning, Les. Good morning, Ohhello. There has been a great deal of false teaching about everything in the Bible . There has been an outright rejection by most churches regarding the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Jul 15, 2024 10:33:20 GMT -5
ohhello: Good morning. Brother John has been spotted. Good to see you, Giller and Frienduff all here, as well as any other brethren that pass by here. Yes, there is a lot of false teaching and even more so in these last of the last days. Stay in our bibles. Jul 16, 2024 5:16:26 GMT -5
frienduff: March onwards john and all . The final days are upon us now . Times will get worse as the delusion takes hold upon the many . Jul 16, 2024 6:56:22 GMT -5
ohhello: Let the glorious Lord be praised. Jul 17, 2024 6:43:24 GMT -5
John: Hello everyone. Jul 17, 2024 17:54:26 GMT -5
ohhello: Good morning. Brother John is spotted. Let’s march on and praise the glorious Lord Jesus Christ. Stay well read in our bibles. Jul 18, 2024 4:51:08 GMT -5
John: A-men Ohhello. As we near the return of our Lord, the battle intensifies. Jul 18, 2024 14:47:52 GMT -5
John: Hello Tabitha3319. Jul 18, 2024 23:39:56 GMT -5
ohhello: Good morning everyone. Yes the battle does intensify. That is right John. It does indeed. The falling away is huge. Stay glued to the true gospel of the biblical Lord Jesus. Jul 20, 2024 4:17:39 GMT -5
ohhello: Good morning. Praise be to the glorious Lord. Jul 21, 2024 5:20:03 GMT -5
frienduff: John was here . Hello my friend . Jul 21, 2024 6:42:28 GMT -5
ohhello: Good morning everyone. Let the glorious Lord be praised. Jul 22, 2024 4:06:39 GMT -5
ohhello: Good morning. Another day closer to the coming of the Lord. Jul 23, 2024 6:23:46 GMT -5
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